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This mean that feedback and consultation from everyone, the process must be inclusive. There are way of getting their thoughts and ideas and all effort must be committed to it. While getting feedback is really good, smart cities must also be sustainable. We believe true smart cities are sustainable cities.

We had a very interesting dialogue and discussions this afternoon on corporate governance, integrity management, data analytics, security and privacy this afternoon. Corporate governance is increasing becoming, what some would seem as a solution or a prevention of corporate fraudulent practices.

Corporate governance is increasingly being fine-tuned to a science of monitoring and surveillance to improve corporate practices. Many regard this as a way not to be entangled with the law of and to ensure good corporate practices.

We feel that corporate governance is more then a just a science. It embodies very important principles and value systems of ethics and of life itself. Corporate governance is increasingly applied as an extended form of monitoring corporate activities that include the impact on society and the natural environment.

In short, corporate governance is a critical pillar of support for the archiving of the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet. We have began to see shareholders take active stance a stance on corporate issues such as labor rights, destruction of rainforests and other habitat, sustainable supply chain management, and reporting on social and environmental measures.

More need to happen, corporate board needs take the lead in driving such principles to drive better corporate governance. Corporate leaders, too, have begun to shape visions that integrate sustainability into the strategic directions of companies. Wishing all our client, partners and associates a happy, prosperous and peaceful new year Happy Chinese New Year. We would like to wish all our clients, partners and friends a very happy Chinese New Year.

May the year of the Dog continue to bring prosperity, happiness and peace. Here are some of thoughts: I agree with the author that most of the responses and initiatives currently undertaken are quite fragmented driven mainly by consultants and NGOs. However, to make sustainable tourism successful, it has to evolve into a larger initiative to bring benefit to a social and economic context.

Purpose-driven objective is critical. Tourism could potentially be a double-edged sword. The financial success of a sustainable tourism program could destroy the very things it seeks to protect. This is where it is important to keep to its goals and its purpose.


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